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Barefoot Celebrant baby naming

Baby naming ceremonies

A naming ceremony is an extremely important rite of passage in any culture, firmly linking a child with its family and cultural background. It plays the role of affirming the arrival of a child as a welcomed and valued addition to both the close and wider community.    

Non-religious ceremonies give children the opportunity to choose their own spiritual direction later in life. 

People choose to have naming ceremonies for a variety of reasons:

  •  To welcome the child into their family and community

  •  To formally announce their chosen name, explain the meaning of the name, and its significance

  •  To make sworn promises to nurture, support and educate the child so that they become an independent, contributing adult in society

  •  To formally express the parents’ wishes for the child’s future

  •  To nominate other significant adults to support the child and allow them to express their commitment to this special relationship

  •  To blend two families so that a new family unit is created

  •  To provide a non-religious alternative to a traditionally religious rite

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