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Barefoot Celebrant vow renewal

Renewal of vows

Couples often marry when their love is young and they are swept up in the euphoria of youthful passion. But over the years, their feelings develop into a mature form of love; a deeper connection, founded on lifelong companionship and friendship. 

Renewal of marriage vows ceremonies are sought by couples who want to reaffirm the commitment they made to each other on their original wedding day, in a celebration of love that has matured and withstood life's many challenges.

Some choose to hold the ceremony to mark a particular milestone anniversary, such as their silver wedding (25 years). Others view the ceremony as a chance to reconnect after specific challenges in the relationship, or may wish to focus on each other again romantically after years of putting their careers and families first. Whatever the reason, couples all have one thing in common: the desire to reassert their bond as a couple, to one another, and in front of the people they love. 

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